Why Jaguar is the Luxury Brand to Drive

February 2nd, 2016 by

Fort Myers Jaguar

From Hollywood sets to the streets of Fort Myers, Jaguar is a brand everyone can appreciate. Learn why Jaguar is the luxury brand to drive around the nation.

It’s a Showstopper

Never a brand to shy away from fame, Jaguar plays a prominent role in films like the James Bond flick Spectre. In fact, film critics report that the villain’s Jaguar C-X75 steals much of the thunder from the star’s classic Aston Martin DB10. Though the C-X75 isn’t a production model available to consumers, it demonstrates what the brand is capable of in terms of design and performance. As long as James Bond continues to impress and inspire audiences around the world the C-X75 and other Jaguar supercars will too.

It’s an Award Winner

Jaguar is no stranger to awards, and honors have been given to the brand for everything from being the best in its class to its memorable design. The Jaguar XF won the 2016 AutoGuide.com Reader’s Choice Luxury Car of the Year Award, granted for its supercharged engine and impressive technology lineups.

In 2015 the F-Type was given the Best New Car award from Automotive Management as well as the Coupe of the Year award from UK Car of the Year. In 2014 the XE had the honor of winning the Most Beautiful Car award at the Festival Automobile International in Paris, generated by a public vote.

It’s a Perennial Favorite

In the world of luxury cars, many enthusiasts bow to trends and seek out exciting yet untested features. When it comes to Jaguars, however, time is on the brand’s side. Jaguar produced its first car in 1935, and true fans tend to appreciate this history. In fact, Jaguar owners tend to keep their vehicles for seven years, a very long time in the luxury market.

Some of this is due to the fact that Jaguar owners experience one of the lowest rates of car trouble of any car owners. This means that Jaguar drivers can enjoy their vehicles instead of constantly dealing with repairs and frustration. The longevity and reliability characteristic of Jaguars make the brand a perennial favorite.

Its Design Is Unmatched

Jaguar’s design remains one of its most distinctive features, and it’s one that other luxury brands simply can’t imitate. For Jaguar’s sports cars, the brand emphasizes a lightweight yet rigid structure with a sleek exterior and an interior that introduces a touch of the theatrical. The brand’s premier designers develop features like responsive air vents for the Jaguar F-Type and a gear shifter that adjusts when the driver enters the vehicle.

Over the years Jaguar’s look has garnered attention from designers and cultural figures from around the world. The brand periodically enters into partnerships with artists who wish to reinterpret the luxury brand in their own way. With everything from formal driving shoes to musical accompaniment, Jaguar offers endless inspiration.

From its star quality to its countless awards, Jaguar is constantly in the spotlight. No matter if you’re seeking a sporty XK or a classic F-Type, Jaguar is the luxury brand to drive.

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