2017 Jaguar XJ Technology

Jaguar XJ rear tv

The 2017 Jaguar XJ stands out thanks to its impressive style and uncompromising performance – but its technology may be the single most impressive feature of this luxury sedan. No matter which trim you decide to drive, expect your XJ to come equipped with advanced features and sophisticated technologies that elevate quality of every drive. Try out any of these features in person at Jaguar Fort Meyers.

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Virtual Instrument Display

Only you know the best way for your car to present dashboard information to you. One of the more unique aspects of 2017 Jaguar XJ technology is a 12.3-inch dashboard screen that you can switch between four different display styles. You can also rely on this screen to relay turn-by-turn navigation instructions and 3D mapping. Thanks to this level of control, there is a greater bond created between car and driver.

Rear Seat Entertainment

These types of features are rare in a sedan, but you can find them as part of the available 2017 Jaguar XJ technology. There are two 10.2-inch screens mounted in back of both front headrests. The screens have independent access to DVD players or streaming media and do not create a distraction for people in front thanks to wireless headphones that are included as part of the package.

Meridian Sound Systems

The list of 2017 Jaguar XJ technology includes two different sound systems, both made by Meridian. An 825W system comes standard, but you also have the option to listen to music through a premium 1300W system. Both systems come with digital signal processor software and cabin correction technology to ensure that everything you listen to sounds rich and clear.

InControl Touch

InControl Touch is perhaps the single most impressive piece of Jaguar XJ technology. Imagine if one system could put all your most wanted and most needed controls at the touch of a button. This system seamlessly integrates with your smartphone so that your favorite features and apps work with your car. This system also provides comprehensive navigation assistance, easy access to you all your audio, and simple but sophisticated tools that connect you with the cabin. Best of all, everything is controlled through a large and intuitive display that relies on easy tap, swipe, and pinch commands.

Put the 2017 Jaguar XJ Technology to the Test

The high-tech features in this car have been specifically designed to make your travel convenient and entertaining rather than complicated or confusing. The standard of quality that you would expect from this automaker is reflected in the technology found in cars like the XJ. Visit Jaguar Fort Myers to explore its in-car technology in depth.