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Autonomous Testing for Jaguar’sJaguar Land Rover has seen the future, and the future drives itself. Recently, Jaguar showed off its latest semi-autonomous driving technologies at the UK Autodrive event.

A few technologies were on display: Advanced Highway Assist, Electronic Emergency Brake Light Assist, and Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory. All three systems offer impressive benefits for drivers, including improved safety and advanced semi-autonomous driving. But it was just a preview of things to come.

The world’s most recognizable luxury brand is making major investments in self-driving technology, and the automaker’s first self-driving vehicles began testing last year.

Self-Driving Technologies on the Way for the Jaguar Land Rover Line-up

Currently, Jaguar is testing a variety of semi-autonomous driving features, and these technologies will be making their way to market over the next 5 years. Here’s a quick look at what these technologies are capable of:

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  • Advanced Highway Assist: A true driver assistance feature, Advanced Highway Assist is capable of overtaking vehicles and stay within the lane at high speeds. When activated, drivers do not have touch the pedal or steering wheel. The system is activated when the turn signal is engaged.
  • Electronic Emergency Brake Assist: When a vehicle in front brakes unexpectedly, Electronic Emergency Brake Assist warns the driver. This feature is particularly useful in foggy driving conditions or when the vehicle is out of view.
  • Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory: A futuristic feature, the Green Light system communicates with traffic lights and determines the best speed to travel to avoid braking when approaching the light.

2017 Jaguar XF interior

Jaguar Land Rover: Advancing Autonomous Driving Technology

The unveiling at Autodrive was just one example of how Jaguar is pushing the envelope in automotive innovation. For instance, the automaker is developing and deploying a fleet of 100 self-driving vehicles, with plans to have the entire fleet in service by 2020.

Jaguar plans to test, introduce and advance semi-autonomous driving with this fleet. And they have a track of 41 miles in the Midlands in the UK to test new technologies. The features aren’t just coming to Jaguar’s luxury sedans and coupes, either. Technologies are also being developed for Land Rover vehicles as well.

Last year, Land Rover showcased their research and development in semi-autonomous driving in off-road conditions – one of the first automakers experimenting in this area. One technology, off-road terrain mapping takes a high-definition of the rugged terrain ahead. The system can then determine engine output, suspension and other features based on the image.

Jaguar also has some unlikely partners in their pursuit of semi-autonomous driving. They’re teaming up with Ford and Tata Motors European Technological Center to speed research and development of new self-driving functionalities.

Jaguar I-PACE interior cabin

When Will the Jaguar Semi-Autonomous Features Become Available

Jaguar has stated that they’ll start producing semi-autonomous vehicles within the next 5 years. So although the features aren’t yet available in production vehicles, they will be in the near future.

Yet, a variety of 2017 Jaguar models are equipped with advanced driver assistance. The 2017 Jaguar XF, for instance, features Electronic Power Assisted Steering and Adaptive Dynamics. Power Assisted Steering automatically adapts outputs to the driver’s steering input, and integrates automous features like Lane Keep Assist and Park Assist. Adaptive Dynamics, on the other hand, optimizes response to your driving style and road conditions.

If you’d like to learn more about Jaguar Land Rover’s new autonomous features, visit our location in Fort Myers today and take a test drive.

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