What is Jaguar Meridian In-Car Audio Spotlight?

July 25th, 2018 by

Jaguar Meridian Sound

The Jaguar Meridian™ In-Car Audio Spotlight helps add to the overall music listening performance in your vehicle when cruising around Cape Coral. With car audio tech by Meridian, your Jaguar’s media player and specifically placed speaker system will create a full and satisfying listening experience. You also have the option of the Trifield™ technology for a 3D surround system and Cabin Correction to smooth out over different textures of terrain so you never miss a perfect beat.

What Technological Innovations of Meridian Create the Best Sound?

Using new technology, Meridian provides a great system to give you the best in your Jaguar that goes farther than just the speakers. This system involves:

  • Digital Signal Processing in each speaker to recreate an authentic listening experience
  • Meridian Cabin Correction to silence the cabin and better resonate the acoustics
  • Meridian Digital Dither Shaping further refines the signal conversions to make them smoother
  • Trifield is installed to blend the channels for a concert-like experience
  • Trifield 3D is the 3D in-car surround sound system itself

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