Jaguar is the Fastest Growing Car Company in America

August 13th, 2016 by

Michelle Rodriguez Drive Jaguar F-TYPEIf you’ve been paying any attention to sales in the auto industry lately, or if you’ve just been taking a discerning look at the different kinds of cars on the road, you may have noticed a remarkable uptick in the number of Jaguar vehicles out there. There are a lot of reasons at play here, but one thing is for sure—Jaguar is back in a big way among American auto buyers. Let’s take a look by the numbers and get a little background as to what’s responsible for the big jump for the British automaker.

By the Numbers

Sales of Jaguar models spiked by 59 percent in the United States in the beginning of 2016, placing their rise in percent of sales firmly at the top of the automotive industry for the year. Through July, Jaguar had sold 14,389 units in the States.

Big Changes at Jaguar

What’s responsible for the surge in sales? Jaguar has revamped its entire lineup in less than a year, putting out a variety of all-new performance luxury sedans and SUVs that are built to rival the world-class competition in terms of performance, style, and high-tech features. With these changes, Jaguar has built a new marketing campaign as well, set to make it clear to today’s drivers that Jaguar is a thoroughly forward-thinking brand that also respects the storied legacy of the respected Jaguar name.

New Jaguar Models

Jaguar has recently dropped two exciting new models to its lineup. Here’s a brief look at both of them:

  • 2017 Jaguar F-TYPE convertible2017 Jaguar XE – This compact luxury sedan starts at just $34,900 MSRP and offers a commanding, fuel-efficient experience with a turbo-diesel V6 engine. Look forward to a high-tech cabin experience, a big trunk, and sporty handling.
  • 2017 Jaguar F-PACE – This compact luxury SUV has it all, including a supercharged V6 turbo-diesel engine and more off-road prowess than you’d expect for a vehicle this size. Add to that its spacious rear seat volume for a truly versatile experience. This model starts at $40,990 MSRP.

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