Jaguar Brings Back the Jaguar XKSS for Sale

June 22nd, 2016 by

Jaguar XKSS

Jaguar has an iconic history, and the automaker is always reluctant to stray too far from its well-established and well-loved roots. In order to pay tribute to the past, Jaguar has occasionally released continuation models – exact replicas of older models built using the same materials and techniques and paired with original VIN numbers. The latest model to receive this treatment is the Jaguar XKSS. Anyone with an interest in automotive history and the storied Jaguar legacy should take note.

The Jaguar XKSS – 1957

In its early days, Jaguar had a large presence in motorsports. When the automaker decided to focus exclusively on passenger cars in 1956, they were left with unused chassis from their D-Type racing car. Engineers found ways to implement these chassis into a limited-run model called the Jaguar XKSS. The plan was to produce 25 of them, but a factory fire in 1957 caused nine in various states of production to be destroyed.

The sixteen that remained were quickly sold to American auto enthusiasts, with the most famous buyer being Steve McQueen. For decades now, hardcore luxury sports car enthusiasts have lamented the loss of those nine cars since they feature unmistakable style and race-ready performance.

The Jaguar XKSS – 2016

Executives at Jaguar made waves at this year’s New York Auto Show when they announced that the run of the Jaguar XKSS would be completed and that nine new cars would be made available for sale. Each one will sell for more than a million dollars ($1.44 million, to be exact), and all have already been purchased. Engineers had to re-fabricate almost every part in the car and created digital scans of existing Jaguar XKSS cars to get the lines of the body just right.

It is unlikely that anything close to the Jaguar XKSS will enter production on a larger scale, but Jaguar has demonstrated a more playful approach to styling in recent years, and the bold curves and distinctive lines of this track-born car could inspire forthcoming designs.

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