How Do I Pair My Phone to Jaguar F-TYPE Bluetooth?

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2018 Jaguar F-Type Interior

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Trying to figure out how to pair your smartphone to your 2018 Jaguar F-TYPE Bluetooth? Follow our simple guide so you can make the most of your Fort Myers commute!

Pairing Your Bluetooth and Jaguar F-TYPE

Before pairing, please ensure that the vehicle ignition is on. Touch the phone softkey from the home menu, then touch “search new”. You then have two choices: pair “vehicle to device”, or “device to vehicle”. In this example, we will select “device to vehicle.”

The touchscreen displays will show a message asking you to use your phone to search for the vehicle. The vehicle will remain discoverable for three minutes. By going into the bluetooth settings on your phone, search for “new devices”. The text “Jaguar” will appear in your phone’s device list. Select it.

When prompted by your phone, enter a 4-digit PIN of your choice. A message on the touchscreen display will notify you that the phone is trying to pair with your vehicle. Accept the request by selecting “yes”. When prompted, enter your chosen PIN using the keypad on the touchscreen display. If pairing has been successful, a confirmation message will appear on the touchscreen display. The vehicle will then continue to automatically connect to your phone. Once connected, a confirmation will appear on the touchscreen display.

You can have up to five phones paired with the car, and in such a case, the pairing process may take some time to complete. Note that you can only pair with one active phone at a time.

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